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We are proud to present our Best Management Practices video:

Utah Golf Courses: The Unexpected Eco-Friendly Heroes of the State

Our new educational video shows how Utah golf courses help the environment and communities thrive with 17,000 acres of green infrastructure and $805M in economic impact.

The Utah Golf Course Superintendents Association (UGCSA) and sustainability consulting firm Radius Sports Group have released a new educational video showing the environmental and
economic benefits of golf courses in the state. The video “This Place” ugcsa.org/-bmp-video highlights conservation practices and positive impacts from 17,000 acres of green infrastructure for vital ecosystem services, such as wildlife habitat, urban cooling, and water filtration.

The video, launched during the week of National Golf Day, May 10, supports community engagement and education efforts around universal benefits of golf for all Utahns, not just golfers. Utah golf courses generate $805 million in total economic impact and support 9,600 jobs. Additionally, golf courses in Utah have donated more than $11 million to local charities. The 3-minute video also highlights water conservation best management practices (BMPs), such as using drought-tolerant turfgrass species, recycled water for irrigation, and reducing irrigated acreage at 44 percent of Utah golf courses over the last six years.

We are thrilled to share education about our eco-friendly golf courses in Utah. Said UGCSA President and Superintendent at Lakeside Golf Course, Josh Virostko, "We have more than 100 golf course superintendents who serve as stewards of the land and play a vital role in supporting the environment and our local communities…we are proud to share our story." Utah golf courses use science based BMPs to manage resources sustainably, including water conservation, wildlife habitat preservation, pollinator protection, and energy conservation. They use secondary, non-potable water for irrigation at nearly 60 percent of facilities and reclaimed water at 11 percent statewide. The UGCSA developed a BMP guide in 2020 to provide a reference and tool for sustainable resource management at Utah’s 120 golf courses.

"Golf courses are often overlooked when it comes to their environmental contributions, but the reality is that they provide crucial ecosystem services," said Radius Sports Group President, Gina Rizzi. "From cooling cities to cleaning stormwater runoff to providing habitat for millions of migratory birds and Utah wildlife. We are proud to have collaborated with the UGCSA to help educate on the positive impacts."

The video and educational content were developed with the support of the Utah Golf Alliance, Utah Golf Association, Professional Golfers Association Utah Section, and a grant from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA).

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