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UGCSA Match Play Tournament Bracket Pool

UGCSA Match Play Tournament Bracket Pool

The 2024 UGCSA and Airgronomics Match Play is starting May 2024! We are going to do a Tournament Bracket Pool contest to go along with this year’s tournament.

Entry: $10
The overall winner of the Tournament Bracket Pool will receive ½ of all entry registrations; the other half will go the UGCSA Benevolent Fund. Example: Total registrations $200; $100 to Tournament Bracket Pool winner and $100 to UGCSA Benevolent Fund

Obtain the Bracket
Once entry fee is paid online, the tournament bracket will be sent to you via email. Each participant is to completely fill in the bracket with the player they think will win each round. Turn in your completed bracket ASAP to intermountaingcsa@gmail.com.

Scoring the Bracket

Each correct entry will be awarded the following points:

First Round= 1 point
Second Round= 2 Points
Third Round= 3 Points
Fourth Round= 4 Points

Each round will be tallied accordingly, and the person with the highest point total wins!

Any disputes will be decided by a majority vote of the UGCSA Board of Directors.

Ready to play? Click here to sign up!

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Membership in the Utah GCSA is open to any individual directly involved in the turf industry. Golf course superintendents, assistants, employees of members, manufacturers, distributors, educators, turf maintenance professionals, turfgrass students and specialists are all welcome. Membership classifications are assigned according to the Utah GCSA Bylaws.